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Finding the best chiropractor in Matthews is a top priority for many residents, and for good reason. Higher numbers of people are seeking a chiropractor “near me” both in Matthews, but also across the US as a solution for many health challenges today. This includes traditional chiropractic treatment for back pain experienced by young mothers and also those with persistent or nagging back injuries, but also for preventative measures and for maintaining an active lifestyle in the later years of life.

How Do I Find the Best Matthews Chiropractor “Near Me”?

So how do you find the best chiropractor in Matthews for your particular health condition? We have listed the top questions you should ask while conducting your research. We have also narrowed the selection by highlighting a top choice among the best chiropractors in the Matthews, NC area to simplify your search. Here are 3 things to consider while narrowing your selection.

1. Experience:

Years of practice experience is among the top characteristics when selecting a chiropractor near you in Matthews. While formal education is important, implementing textbook learning is where actual knowledge and the ability to make a difference in a patient’s life comes into play. Minimally, we suggest working with a chiropractor who has a minimum of 10 years of experience as a threshold. If you are able to locate a chiropractic practice in Matthews that has more, even better. New learnings are made by helping a volume of patients with different circumstances. The longer your chiro has practiced, the more patients he or she has seen, thus the higher chances they have already helped someone with your exact condition. Experience counts.

2. Expertise: 

You should also look for expertise when trying to find the best chiropractor in Matthews. Expertise is closely linked to years of experience, but can be assessed in two different ways. First, expertise can be measured by the broad number of conditions and treatments the chiropractor has seen over the years. This is valuable to you as a patient, because a holistic and synergistic understanding of the body will benefit your specific treatment plan. Second, expertise can be expressed through focus. For example, if you have an acute condition such as back pain or migraine headaches, then seeking a Matthews chiropractor who has “specialized” in treating these cases will be of great benefit to you. Look for testimonials or conditions listed on their website to see if the condition you need help treating is in their wheelhouse. If they have a number of testimonials expressing successful treatment of your condition, this expertise is highly valuable and should be considered in your selection process.

3. Chiropractor Reviews in Matthews: 

The most common method of finding a chiropractor “near me” today is by reading chiropractor reviews. Studies have indicated that as many as 8 out of 10 people trust reviews they read from others as much as a recommendation from a friend or family member. Of course, they want to see a number of good reviews and not just a few to make this determination. This is understandable, because we often don’t have the luxury of having a friend or family member in the same area, for example, Matthews, NC whom we can ask for a personal recommendation. For this reason, everyone turns to the Internet to conduct research in order to find the best chiropractor based on the number of positive reviews from patients just like them. This is common practice, and often referred to as “the wisdom of crowds.” This means that if many others have experienced a good result, over time, and with different circumstances and conditions, the odds are very good that we will experience the same. Here are some things to look for when reading chiropractor reviews in Matthews:

A. Review Score: Look at their overall review score, and consider anything above 4.5 stars. It’s very rare to find a chiropractor (or any business) with a perfect 5 star rating, because the score is an average. An average of 4.5 is very good. So even if you read a negative review here or there, the majority of their reviews are great. This is not to say that 5 star review scores are not out there, they are just very rare and exceptional providers.

B. Review Patterns + Responses: How should you read negative reviews? With scrutiny of course. Sometimes people are simply unhappy or having a bad day, and they decided to vent on their latest frustrating experience that day. Perhaps something wasn’t up to par at the front desk, or something rubbed them the wrong way, and they overreacted. That said, if you see a pattern of bad reviews that mention the same issues, this is a sign to avoid this chiropractor. Another important element is the response to the review. Did the chiropractor’s office respond in a positive way, seeking to make things right with that person? This is a gesture of good will, because everyone makes mistakes. Those seeking to make things right demonstrate good customer service. See a sarcastic or defensive response? This is a bad sign, and should also be noted. Keep these things in mind while reading reviews.

C. Review Recency: Seeing good reviews is important, but you should also see a constant flow of reviews over time. Most people who are looking for a chiropractor “near me” in Matthews also want to see good reviews left within the last couple weeks or months, not years ago. So, while good reviews, positive patterns, and caring responses are important in your research-so is review recency. Look for a provider who has recent reviews within the last 3 months and not only those who had good scores years ago. You want to find a chiropractor who is currently offering great service, because after all, you will be visiting soon.

Find the Best Chiropractor Near Me in Matthews NC

We are suggesting the following Matthews chiropractor based upon the criteria above. His practice not only meets these standards, but exceeds them on all accounts. Our goal is to help maximize your research and help you make the best choice possible, so here our the results.

Provider: Dr. John Hanna of Matthews Family Chiropractic

Years of Experience: Over 30+ years of practice experience in Matthews at the same location.

Expertise: He (and his wife Dr. Mechelle) have treated nearly every condition known to be treated by chiropractors, including the following areas: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, whiplash, subluxations of the spine, carpal tunnel, and knee pain. His office also offers nutritional counseling, and pediatric care. While demonstrating a broad base of expertise, their testimonials also represent a deep knowledge of specific conditions concerning subluxations of the spine and back pain and also pediatric chiropractic.

Reviews: Dr. Hanna is the standout exception to the rule of a minimum review score of 4.5 stars on Google. Matthews Family Chiropractic has over 100 5 star reviews. This is exceptional, and clearly the best rating we could find in the entire Matthews, NC area. The volume of good reviews, the conditions represented, and the recency of reviews could not be better. This is a clear indication of not only good treatment results, but positive and caring customer service by their practice.


Other: Dr. Hanna has been featured on local Charlotte area news stations WCNC and WCCB and featured for his effective treatment procedures on infant earaches. His website also indicates having treated over 13,600 patients.

Here is their office contact information if you’re interested in contacting them for more information:

Matthews Family Chiropractic
9808 Northeast Pkwy
Matthews, NC 28105
(704) 845-0699